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Oriental cats


Chocolate spotted male available
for Stud Service (carries Siamese,...)
Contact me if you want more infos.

Show Results Independant  Clubs
Charleroi, BE, Felin's Fan Club, 24/08/2003
Best of Best litter
(together with his 2 sisters)
Huy, BE, Belgian Cat Lovers, 04/10/2003
Best Variety
Best in Show
Best of Best
Judge : Edouar Borras
Wavre, BE, Amicale Belge du Chat, 14/09/2003
Best of Colour
Best in Show 
Liège, BE, Amicale Belge du Chat, 14/12/2003
Best Variety
Best in Show
Best of Best
Judge : E. Borras
Brussels, BE, Cat Fanciers of Belgium, 01/02/2004
Best in Show
Judge : M. Reinhardt
Andenne , BE , Amicale Belge du Chat, 18/04/2004
Best of Colour
First CAC
Judge : Bajou
Mouscron, BE, Carolo Cat Club,02/05/2004
Second CAC
Judge :Pobé
Montenaken , BE, Belgium Cat Lovers, 06/06/2004
Third CAC
Judge : Dendauw
Kettenis, BE, Association Féline Belge, 04/07/2004
First Cacib
Judge : Melle Biause
Charleroi , BE,  Centrale Féline Belge, 22/08/2004
Second Cacib
Judge : Schleissner
Rotterdam, NL, Sara, 05/09/2004
Best of Colour
Best in Show
Judge :  Yvonne Kleyn
Yoda became "International Champion"
Wavre, BE, ABC, 12/09/2004
Best in Show
BEST OF BEST (Special Sia and OSH)
Jugde : Weert
Maubeuge, Fr , Club Du Chat 3000 , 07/11/2004
Judge : Melle Biause
Dison, Be , Assocation Féline Belge, 14/11/2004
Judge :  Leen Kort
Yoda became Great International Champion and
his daughter ...
"Vaya Con Dios"  was Best of Colour and Best in Show !
Liège , BE , ABC , 12/12/2004
Special Siamese - Oriental
Best in Show
Best of Best adult Ori - Sia
Judge : E. Borras
Brussels ,BE , Centrale Féline Belge , 06/02/2005
Best Variety
Nomintated BIS
Judge : Reinhardt Manfred
Duisburg, DE , International Cat Club , 11/03/2006
 Second CACE
Judge : J.Lahl
Bergen Op Zoom, NL , NKU SARA, 14/05/2006
Judge : Mariane Kuipers
Marq En Baroeul, FR, Club du Chat  3000, 02/07/2006
Judge : Donald Heyninck
Hellental , DE , Verband Deutscher Katzenfreunde E.V.,20/08/2006
Second CAGCE
Judge : Perrault - Pepermans
Show Results FIFE
Haarlem, NL, Felikat ,18/01/2004
Best in Show
Judge : Thea Friskovec
Houtem, NL, Felikat , 21/03/2004
Best in Show
Judge : Mariane Kuipers
Luxembourg, LU, Lux-Cat-Club , 15/06/2004
Ex 1
Judge : Mme Bruin
Haarlem, NL , Felikat , 16/01/2005
First CAC
Judge : Stephe Bruin
Breda, NL , Mundikat ,
Arnhem, NL , Mundikat , 28/03/2005
Second CAC
Judge : Britt H. Alvestad
Bemmel, NL , Felikat , 19/03/2006
Last CAC
Judge : Martti Peltonen
Yoda becomes CHAMPION

Pedigree Yoda