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xpress yourself

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Serengeti Cats

Serengeti ?
The Serengeti is a mariage of the Oriental Shorthair and the Bengal.
Only those two breeds are allowed
The product of this mariage will be a domestic cat with the wild look without using wild blood.
The Oriental Shorthair is a cat with high legs and long body. The Bengal has spots, big ears witch are straight up, short tail and round eyes.
For the moment they are Preliminay Breed.Next stage will be advanced new breed and finally access to championschip.

This Girl is the start of my breeding program with Serengetis, she has been mated with a Brown Spotted Bengal;6 Babies where born on 02/04/2006, unfortunately only one survived.

Little "Hope"

This was my first SE baby, she moved to the USA, in exchange of another female.


Spotted Circus Bearded Lady, my Serengeti from the USA


Babby's Bearded Lady


Xpress yoursel X-mass born 26/12/2009.
Father : Xpress Yourself Tiger
Mother : Xpress Yourself Madonna